5 Household Items That Are Quietly Fantastic Bits of Technology

5 Household Items That Are Quietly Fantastic Bits of Technology

There are lots of interesting gadgets out there, but most of them are designed for people in the know. Integrated “smart” household items are some of the most exciting trends in the consumer electronics space. They include everything from our refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers to our televisions, computers, and smartphones.

For instance, intelligent washing machines can be found in many households nowadays. These machines can automatically set the time limit to wash the clothes depending on the level of dirt in them. They can also dry clothes with the help of an inbuilt heater. Additionally, these washing machines can be easy to maintain. Even if you face an issue with the appliance, you can easily find a Washing Machine Repair professional in your vicinity to fix it.

As another example, one can find security cameras nowadays that can be controlled remotely by guards who can intervene immediately if there’s a threat to the house (find out here about such surveillance systems) making them an essential tool for parents with small kids.

Advanced tech enthusiasts and gadget geeks tend to buy and use them, while the rest of us are left to play with the common stuff. So, which household items are truly hi-tech and can make your life easier? Here are a few of them:

  • Modern Hi-Tech Design Bathroom Handheld Shower Handset. It’s taken a few years for the idea of showering with a handheld shower handset to catch on, but it’s finally really arrived. Well, maybe “really” isn’t the best word. It’s a little late to be a surprise. It’s a bit like going back to the 80s and cutting the cord-a retro trend that was all the rage back then, but now we know it’s not the way to go. Still, the idea of an entire bathroom filled with gadgets has a certain appeal: the handsets can be programmed to start and stop the shower, automatically adjust the water temperature, and even trigger the lights to go off. That does not mean that you can forget about the other installations that are non-tech and can make your bathroom functional and look good. For instance, you may need to install wet room shower trays to ensure proper drainage of the shower water. Similarly, you can also consider getting coarse surface tiles that can prevent people from slipping and falling in the bathroom. Therefore, while hi-tech technology and gadgets in the bathroom sound revolutionary, basic components like the ones stated above can be equally necessary.
  • Nanoleaf Square Colour-Changing Light Panels. Nanoleaf’s color-changing light panels are one of several new tech products that are quietly transformative. We each have a different lifestyle, resulting in a different set of habits, timelines, and activities that help us be more productive and live more controlled lives. For instance, some of us have mastered the art of utilizing technology as an extension of our bodies (think: Fitbits and Google Glass), while others sleep in on Saturdays for the sole purpose of watching late-night TV (we’re looking at you, snooze button pushers).
  • Robot vacuum cleaners. Ever since the Roomba became popularized, the idea of robotic vacuums has become a hot commodity. There are multiple robotic vacuums on the market now, and most of them are very gimmicky. But the iRobot Roomba series is different. These robotic vacuums are very useful and quite affordable. So, why is there not a lot of noise about the iRobot Roomba series? We think it’s because the Roomba is such a fantastic piece of technology that people don’t want to talk about it. Many of us have a neat appliance or gadget in our homes — a robot vacuum, a robot floor polisher, or a robot pet cleaner. And while most of us may never consider getting one of these as a full-time job, the technology to make these things work is still pretty nifty.
  • Air Multiplier. Everyone knows that air conditioning is necessary for the summertime, most people rush to get an air conditioning tune up or quickly repair their unit as soon as they feel the heat coming. But what if you could get a natural breeze without the cold? Keep the windows open during the fall, winter and spring, and you’re good to go. The Air Multiplier is a fan that creates an artificial breeze with an internal turbine that can be used in any room (or even outdoors). Inside, three fans can be turned on separately or combined to create a stronger breeze. The small fan can be placed in any room and has a slow-speed setting for when you’re not in the room; the larger fan can be placed at the top of a long table and has a fast-speed setting for when you’re looking to keep cool.
  • Home Security Starter Kit. A few months back, I wrote about a gadget that I’d stumbled across while doing my usual browsing on Amazon. That gadget was called a Home Security Starter Kit as one of the Household Items That Are Quietly Fantastic Bits Of Technology. As it turns out, this is a fairly common type of alarm system, one that’s relatively easy to set up and requires little to no maintenance. The basic premise behind the system is that it gives homeowners an easy way to keep an eye on their property, at least when they’re not there.

You can buy things at the supermarket that are “quietly fantastic bits of technology.” You don’t need to be an expert to see the benefits. If you’ve got an open mind, you don’t need to muck about in a shed to see what’s going on. A good, clean look at things is enough to note all how the items improve our lives. And when it comes to technology, there’s nothing better than looking at the way things work.

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