What Is Supply Chain Security?

supply chain security

Supply chain security is the process by which a business ensures that the items it provides customers can be delivered to their doorsteps on time. Supply chain security refers to measures taken to improve the security of the value chain or supply chain, including processes related to transportation, distribution, and end-to-end logistics. It involves the use of traditional practices of supply chain management with the additional security needs driven by security threats like theft, piracy, terrorism, and even terrorism.

As the term suggests, supply chain security aims at achieving this by ensuring that goods are in the hands of the customers within a defined period. In other words, it is the act of ensuring the efficient movement of goods from point A to point B. This involves a series of steps. It starts from the selection of products that are being supplied, to delivery, to stocking, to delivery of products and so on. There are multiple types of controls that can be applied to achieve these steps.

The first step involves developing a control system. This is a set of rules and procedures that must be followed to ensure the smooth functioning of the supply chain. This will include controls to limit the number of products or goods that can be delivered per day, or per delivery vehicle. Other controls may be designed to ensure that only authorized staff, who are qualified personnel or people who have passed a comprehensive test are permitted to carry out the tasks. Security measures should also be in place to ensure that employees are not taking risks in order to increase production levels.

Next comes the implementation of these security measures. This will include ensuring that adequate security controls are put into place to monitor the operation of operations. This could involve using physical barriers, sensors, or CCTV cameras to monitor activities at various stages in the process. It could also include monitoring employees and vehicles, as well as controlling the flow of goods to ensure that they reach the right places. Such control measures could be applied to prevent access by unauthorized people and objects.

Finally, the maintenance of supply chain security is carried out. This involves ensuring that all systems, equipment, software, and databases used to monitor the activities are keeping current and safe. This means that these systems are updated and that are in compliance with current regulations and standards.

Overall, supply chain security is an essential part of any organization that produces or provides goods and services. It is a way of keeping the supply chain safe.

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